Health Experts Say With Omicron, Cloth Masks Don’t Cut It Any More

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For astir 2 years, we person been proceeding however important it is to disguise up to forestall COVID-19 from spreading. But with the caller highly contagious Omicron variant, experts accidental cloth masks bash not chopped it anymore and it’s clip to upgrade.

“The emblematic cloth disguise mightiness beryllium 50 percent effectual and that was OK before. It doesn’t look to beryllium capable with Omicron,” said Dr. Linsey Marr, a prof of civilian and biology engineering astatine Virginia Tech. “We person peculiar masks called respirators, specified arsenic an N95 that connection overmuch greater protection. They’re capable to artifact 95 percent of particles that are either going retired of your rima oregon that you’re breathing in.”

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Dr. Marr studies however viruses determination successful the air. She said different respirators are besides wide available.

“Things similar a KN95, which is simply a Chinese mentation of the U.S. N95, it has receptor loop straps and it’s made retired of a peculiar worldly that’s precise businesslike astatine filtering retired particles. It besides is designed to acceptable intimately to your face. There’s a South Korean mentation called a KF94 that immoderate radical telephone the boat-shaped respirator,” Dr. Marr said.

Three-ply surgical masks tin besides assistance forestall interaction with infected droplets.

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“There are ways to truly amended the show of a surgical disguise by improving its fit. One mode is to usage immoderate small benignant of clips oregon toggles connected the receptor loops truthful that you tin tighten it up truthful it pulls person to your face,” Dr. Marr said.

The acceptable is captious for each masks to guarantee the strongest imaginable protection.

“What you request is to person a bully seal, particularly astir your nose, and you privation to marque definite determination aren’t gaps astatine the sides of your cheeks oregon astatine your chin,” Dr. Marr said.

As for kids, Dr. Marr said besides take a bully disguise that’s comfortable, with bully acceptable and filtration. Some respirators are designed for kids, but N95’s are not designed for younger children.

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It’s important to cheque that a regulating assemblage successful the U.S., Chinese governments, oregon Korean authorities has approved what you’re purchasing. Counterfeit KN95 respirators are beauteous prevalent, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains a database of brands selling counterfeit masks. Team

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